About “Cranford Review”

The “Cranford Review” © is a renowned publication (magazine format), produced by the Cranford Community College staff, leaded by Kevin Prunty (Executive Headteacher & National Leader of Education).

The annual edition of the “Cranford Review” provides an archive document highlighting various aspects of the life of the academy, its staff, students and community from the previous academic year.

It is a wonderful read and a useful historical document which, with its termly sister publications and occasional special editions, also serves to describe the values of the academy and support the aspirations of the academy, its staff, students and wider community.

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Cranford Review

Through the years, this publication has experienced an active and growing evolution in number of pages and graphic styles, comprising a myriad of topics focusing mainly on the academic news, events and activities and its impact on the whole community of Cranford in the Hounslow borough area.

Traditionally, hard copies of the Cranford Review and its family of publications are provided to stakeholders including families, staff, partners, visitors, prospective parents/students, prospective employees and others with an interest or stake in the academy and its students. The magazine is either available in hard printed copies as well as on its online edition to be downloaded in PDF.

Production team:

Jessica Joyce

Corrections & supervision
Peter Stumpf

Graphic Design
Enzo Gianvittorio Danese /
Enzo GD
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Cranford Community College

Cranford Community College is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 7559818 at High St, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PD

Kevin Prunty
Executive Headteacher &
National Leader of Education

Jenny Lewis
Chair of the Academy Trust

Peter Stumpf
Associate Headteacher

Rita Berndt
Joint Head of School

Rob Ind
Joint Head of School

Maria Bramhall
Deputy Head of School

Alan Fraser
Assistant Headteacher / Director of
Community Partnerships &
Income Generation